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Forming an LLC in Florida

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Start Your Business Sooner (with full LLC liability protection)
Spend Only 5 Minutes Filling Out a Simple Questionnaire- We Handle The Rest. You Get a Completed Package of Your LLC Filing Documents + We Keep You Informed via Email Throughout the Process.
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Gold Expedite
$239 $139
(+state fees)

Platinum Expedite  
$419 $319
(+state fees)

Unlimited Name Availability Searches
We work with you to find a suitable and acceptable LLC name

Professional Preparation of Documents to Form a Florida LLC

Electronic Copies of Official Formation Documents emailed to you within 1 business day after formation

Free First Class Shipping in the US- Documents promptly mailed to you (Additional Shipping Charges Apply for International  Shipments)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee- If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, get a full refund of our service fee (details).

Limited Time Attorney Written Bonuses - Education is the key to a successful LLC business (See Below)

EIN# Obtainment Service - We will obtain the EIN# for your LLC within 1 business day after formation  $79 add-on

Florida Specific Form LLC Operating Agreement Package (Includes a written LLC Operating Agreement Guide) $34 add -on

LLC Record Book customized with LLC Name, Official Embossed Seal, LLC Membership Ledger and additional 15 Membership Certificates customized with LLC Name  $75 add-on
(+ 10 shipping)

5 LLC Membership Certificates Customized with LLC Name  $ 20 add-on


$130 $130


$269 $449

Registered Agent Services Available:
Annual Registered Agent Services ($40 off first year, Regularly $139/year):  $99
Tax Election Form Preparation:
for LLC to be Taxed as a Corporation or S Corporation:  $35 add-on
(An LLC is taxed as a pass through by default and no filing is necessary for pass through taxation; this election is only if you have decided you want corporation taxation to apply to your LLC)


1. Order a Florida LLC Formation Package Through our Secure Ordering Process
2. You will be forwarded to simple online questionnaire that takes 5 minutes to fill out and submit to us.
3. Your name choice will be checked for availability and if it is not available, you will be contacted and will will work with you to secure an acceptable name.
4. Our Fla trained staff will then prepare your Fl LLC formation documents based on the business information you provide us. Your filing papers are double checked to ensure compliance with all State of Florida LLC requirements.
5. Your formation filing will be submitted to the State of Florida within 2 business days as an expedited filing.  We work with the state staff to ensure your LLC is formed by the end of the next business day.
6. You will be notified via email once your Florida limited liability company has been completed.
7. Once the State makes your official documents available, we send you electronic copies via email and will mail you the official papers.  Free US Shipping is included.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with our services for any reason, get a full refund of our service fee.







Most other online formation services not only take 4-6 weeks to process a Florida LLC formation, but they then leave you totally in the dark as to what to do after formation.


Our Florida LLC Formation packages currently come with bonus educational resources that help you to ensure you do not lose the liability protection and other benefits of a Flordia limited liability company.


BONUS:  "The Six Step LLC Formula For Limited Liability Protection" eBook.  This publication helps you to understand what you need to do after formation to not only maintain your legal entity but to ensure that you as a business owner preserve the layer of personal liability protection afforded by your Fla LLC. The eBook is written by an experienced business lawyer but targetted toward the busy small business owner.  It takes all the complicated requirements to preserve LLC liability protection and reduces them to a simple to follow 6 step formula (Regularly $39). 


ADDITIONAL BONUS:  "The Lawsuit Protection eCourse".  Small businesses are the most common target for lawsuits in our country.  This is because lawsuits are almost always about money and businesses generate money.   With this additional bonous report, you receive 10 valuable tips from an expert attorney on how you can best protect yourself and your Florida LLC business against legal claims and lawsuits (a $49 value).


In these two education Bonus resources, you will discover:


Learn the one or two magic words you must include in every signed business document and why adding these words when you do business transactions can mean the different between full protection and complete personal liability.
One LLC requirement . . . hidden in most state LLC statutes that if violated causes personal liability to members (sometimes in excess of $5,000 a  member) even if the member did not know about it .
How one simple arrangement you can set up with your LLC will significantly reduce your personal liability risk for any business problem that may come up.
The 3 step test that if followed by an LLC officer or manager when making a business decision will bulletproof him from being held personally liable for any problems related to that decision.
The one simple legal provision you must have in all your contracts that will virtually ensure you will never be sued by the other party to the contract.
A trick learned from a top asset protection lawyer in California that you can use to ensure you get paid back what you put into your business (even before creditors and other parties).
The one question you should ask yourself every time you are about to do something involving the LLC and a member that will save you from a judge holding you personally liable for business obligations.
6 exceptions to the LLC limited liability protection that most LLC owners do not know about but once you find out you can avoid them.





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Free LLC Guide
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"What is a LLC and What Can It Do For Me?
+ Free LLC Name Search



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