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State of Florida LLC Formation Requirements


The Florida LLC only exists because the laws in that state give it an existence.  What this means is that in order for you, as an owner, to achieve and retain the benefits and advantages of this kind o legal entity, you must ensure that your limited liability company is formed and maintained in strict compliance with the requirements imposed under the Fla LLC laws. 


Here is a summary of key formation requirements:

  1. NAME RULES.  The name must include an official LLC designation (such as the words "limited liability company" or the abbreviation "LLC"). 

  2. In addition, a new LLC name must be distinguishable on the records of the State which means it must not be the same as or too similar to any other name registered with the Division of Corporations. 

  3. The Florida rules also prohibit a name from implying that it is associated with a governmental agency.



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  1. REGISTERED AGENT RULES.  Every LLC must appoint and continuously maintain a registered agent located within the state of Florida.  The purpose of the registered agent is to be the official person or entity that can accept service of process and other important legal documents on behalf of the Fla LLC.

  2. The registered agent must meet the specific registered agent requirements of the Florida Limited Liability Company Act and must be available during business hours to accept and personally sign for documents.

    PRINCIPAL OFFICE.  A principal office address of a new LLC must be declared and disclosed on formation documents filed with the State. This cannot be a mailing address but must be a physical address (no PO boxes).

  4. FILING PROCEDURE.  The Department of State has peculiar rules and processes for ensuring that a new LLC filing is completed properly and expeditiously.  They allow professional filers to utilize an online system for additional fees but which speed up the process for completing an LLC formation.  Given the volume of filings in Florida, you should consider using a professional filer to speed up your LLC formation and ensure that all details are complied with.


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Disclaimer: The Florida LLC Formation website is operated by The LLC Expert to provide a document preparation and filing service related to the Florida limited liability company.   No information provided on this sites constitute legal advice. A document preparation and filing service is not the substitute for legal advice.  If you need legal or professional advice regarding new business legal entity, tax or other legal matters, please consult with a licensed attorney or accountant.


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