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Key Florida Limited Liability Company Act Provisions


Florida authorizes a single member LLC )Section 608.405)
Florida laws specifically protect members of a Fla LLC from being personally liable for business obligations (Section 608.4227)
Name of LLC in Fla must be distinguishable on the record from any other name registered with the Department of State (Section Section 608.406)



Florida LLC Information and Reports:






The Fla LLC is by far the most formed legal entity in the entire United States.  This result is the combination of the Florida Limited Liability Company Act offering many benefits to this kind of entity and to its owners (called members) plus Florida having an extremely intuitive and easy favorable business and asset protection laws.


The Florida LLC is a creature of statute which means that the only reason it exists is because the law makes it so.  As a result, in order to ensure that you, as an LLC business owner, receive the benefits and advantages provided to this kind of legal entity, you must be sure that you have strictly complied with the applicable Florida LLC formation and maintenance rules.


Florida requires that every Florida LLC file an annual report due on May 1 of each year and pay an annual maintenance fee.  Failure to make this filing and payment by the due date results in a steep $400 penalty.



Save the time required to learn these requirements and the stress of not knowing if you have met all the rules.  Our Florida LLC 3 Business Day Formation Service is guaranteed to be in compliance with Florida formation requirements.



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Disclaimer: The Florida LLC Formation website is operated by The LLC Expert to provide a document preparation and filing service related to the Florida limited liability company.   No information provided on this sites constitute legal advice. A document preparation and filing service is not the substitute for legal advice.  If you need legal or professional advice regarding new business legal entity, tax or other legal matters, please consult with a licensed attorney or accountant.


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